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I Was Adopted Twice

Most people have a general idea of what it means to be adopted. For some, it’s simply a celebration of children finding a new home and for others there may be a stigma attached to it. But for Patricia Ann Douglas it has meant discovering a predestined path to fulfill her life’s purpose. As an adoptee to doting parents and a loving, heavenly Father, she received mantles to birth in ministry and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to walk out her mandate.

In “I Was Adopted Twice: My Parent’s Love, My Father’s Redemption,” Douglas shares her life story and how through the lens of being adopted both naturally and spiritually, she realized the true value and purpose for her life. Her story isn’t one of perfection, but one of triumph over mistakes, victory over fear, courage to overcome religion and a willingness to boldly possess the territory God assigned her to before the foundation of the world.